I have an addiction with necklaces and it started when I bought my first statement one in Zara. Well I might have bought several ones before that, but I don't remember how they were and I don't it means I didn't love them at all. This Zara necklace was kind of a milestone for me since I bought it the first time I went to New York, my first fashion week and my first ever trip I did by myself, so it really holds a special place in my heart.
With that story I feel like statement necklaces are my thing and ever single one reminds me of the first one I got in that incredible time. I know we shouldn't add emotional memories to material things, but it is just how I am and that necklace won't go anywhere! I sell statement necklaces over on my Shop, you can click on the SHOP tab or click HERE and go to StylingScrapbooks.com