I've kept this as a secret for over a month and a half maybe and it is time to the BIG REVEAL! I am launching all over again my online store Styling Scrapbooks. I am re-launching it with my mom this time and we decided it is going to be an Accessories and Scrapbooking supplies store! We both are very into scrapbooking and I feel so relaxed and happy when I scrapbook my travels and memories! 
The idea behind the name Styling Scrapbooks began with our love for fashion and crafts, so we are having the Styling part for everything fashion like accessories, necklaces, iphone cases, etc and the Scrapbooks part as for everything scrapbooking really, from papers to project life cards, everything online. 

In the Scrapbooks area we designed and made everything ourselves so it is really a work made with pure love, me and my mom feel very passionate about this journey and I hope you all love it as much as we do! We currently sell Scrapbooking papers 12x12 inch only digital, so you can download the paper, you print it and make all your ideas come to life! We have some examples of what you can do with the papers in every product! Also we have Project Life cards 6x4 and 3x4 inch. that come in different packs, we have Paris themed, London, Pool party, Africa (which is one of my faves!) And much more, you print these and arrange them in your Project Life album or even any scrapbook (that's what I did with my Travel project life cards since I don't own a PJ Album), so all of these work with anything you might have in your house! even for a planner! 
I really hope you enjoy it and buy lots of stuff since they are just TOO CUTE! 

Valid until 31st July 2015.