Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone hope you have a great day with your loved ones and enjoy this day! 

Yup, you should.

Designer bags are a must in every girl's wardrobe, weather is an expensive one or something more affordable. Just try to have at least one and my best advice would be in a color you kind of wear a lot so if it is expensive you will get the best of it! 

The Skinny Bitch!

I finished reading this book this morning and I started it yesterday's morning  Yes, you can assumed it was a good reading, but you are totally wrong.. it was AMAZING! This book is seriously eye opener. It is a must if you are tired of introducing bad things in your body and doing bad things to animals, this books teaches you about a vegan lifestyle.. more details below! 

Wanna know a Short Story?

I love shorts, they are the perfect casual touch and very comfortable way for every outfit, but it's been tough to find a great pair of denim shorts in the actual jean fabric! 

The flower problem

I fell in love with this sweater, since I am moving to Miami  which the weather is super sunny 360 days a year I am trying to avoid too warm clothes, but this sweater...I would go and buy it right away! 

TOP polka dots!

My mom was the one who introduced me to polka dots, she is obsessed with them in a more tiny shape, but I instead am obsessed with the big polka dots! Both dress and pants are from Topshop.co.uk! So you can go now to buy them.

Chill Day !

Today I am feeling extra soft shade, super chill and just relax! So these 2 outfits totally represent me today!!!! Hope you love them as much as I do ! and don't forget to follow me on Instragram and Twitter! @Rafaellaonline ;) 


I love this strong pink color or fuchsia, whatever you want to call it. It gives me energy and it makes me feel like spring and summer! Though I can't wait to feel a little bit of winter lol! 

Love is all we need.

Lately I've been inspired with the red color, hearing the bloody mary /ies from Lindsay Lohan's Elizabeth Taylor movie and just the pretty styles in the streets! It fulls my energy to the top and it gives me a great sensation! You should try this powerful color too!

Oh MY!

These are the reason why I live, I work and study ... aren't those TO DIE FOR!? What can I say? I am a shopaholic and Louboutin Addict!!! Be sure to follow me on instagram and twitter @rafaellaonline !;)

Simple is more.

I am at school right now so very fast, I love the simplicity of the picture, the details and specially the outfit! Plus that color combo is really chill and relax! 

Juicy Couture LOVE!

OMG, When I saw this pictures while I was doing a homework I was like I NEED to put these on my blog! I am a big fan of Juicy Couture, because they do the designer, fun but yet elegant kind of stuff and this collection Fall/Winter is absolutely TO DIE FOR! 

Sunny spirits!

Today the weather is perfect to celebrate the birthday of my cousin's daughter! The little girl is turning 1 year!  I can't believe it, since we are going to a pic-nic I figured this top/tunic is perfect for today! Perfect way to look beautiful, chill and dressed up ;) !

Peplum's truth

Although I love the Peplum tops and bottoms I must say that are not for everybody's type! Here is why! 


I fell in love in the second I saw this picture, I love the print head to toe and the cool colors perfect for spring! Also the whole outfit is a huge hit since the pants and the blazer combined together are a super cool thing now! Definitely would put my hands in this beautiful ensemble.

The bag's accent.

Bags now have their own identity and let me tell you! I am intrigued with every single one of them! They are now so versatile, but always the black will be the must have! 

Brazilian Paradise

I needed to upload these pictures from my Brazilian paradise trip! I had a wonderful time and as always the nature impressed me . I love when I get to spend quality time with people and specially my mom, we got the time to relax and chill (which was very well needed!) And I can't say anymore, Brazil is awesome! 

How to: Color Blocking.

Sometimes you might get caught up with what the color blocking is and you actually don't know how to pull it off. Here is an idea of what you could mix, though I didn't find the exact colors I was looking for, it is just to get an idea of what the color blocking is! 

Look at the sky!

Lately I've been obsessed with the color blue! In all of its shades and recently read that the blue makes you chill out and relax, so every time you need to think about something, see the color blue and you will have a more ease mind! Isn't that cool? 

Chanel off the Runway!

Hey people!!!! Finally I am back home and I am so happy to be in my own place, my own bed and all of my stuff! Now of course I needed to post this today! Cause some of you may know that H&M is opening a store here 23rd March (Which I am excited for) And realized there is a jacket the same as the Chanel one (or really like it) And I just love that tweed work that Chanel does and with H&M having it is a very affordable way to look like Chanel off the runway ;)! 

Off Duty!

I love when people dress all black (and no I am not goth or anything like that) But black it surely represents classic elegance and let's be real we look thinner wearing a monochromatic look! The pointy heels here add the perfect touch, the Tory Burch bracelet in that gold is to die for and the bag is of course flawless. If you want to look like a model off duty, this is definitely something you should try!

Tomboy Chic

With the styles of Rihanna, Rita Ora and many more hip hop rock/pop artists, the tomboy style with the feminine touch is popping! I love to be comfy and I thing the idea of wearing sweatpants with heels intrigues me but I love it! And don't forget the sneaker wedges a total love at first sight too!

Stripes, Stars and everything in between.

Although prints might be a classic thing when it comes to the fashion history, the more and more the years go by we see a lot of more patterns and crazy prints we never imagined before!

The Romantic Paris

I found that dress and decided why not doing like a What to wear post, and for me this is simply what Paris represent, stripes, black and white with pops of reds! and of course little and delicate gold accessories! I love this look and would definitely wear it for a date in the Eiffel tower! Details are down!

Circle the sun.

They might be too Elton John, or maybe too hipster, but I find something really curious about round glasses. But always be careful because they are not as easy to wear as you might think! They don't go with every face shape! 

Rih Rih London London.

I am obsessed with Rihanna's style lately! I think she pulls the edgy/rock/raper/feminine style absolutely brilliant! I love the combination of the thigh high split maxi skirt with the Adidas sneakers, it is so simple but stylish! I think she is just the only one who can pull it off like this!