NARS rush

I don't know why but I had to share it with you, a little NARS never hurt anybody and I found that the color palette with this beautiful edition of Vogue Latam is amazing. What can I say I love pretty compositions! And by the way that nars bronzer and blush are my dream right now! Take a look down so you can buy them ;)!

Breakfast at Ferragamo's

Hey guys! as promised on facebook here it is a little glimpse of the event I got invited to from Salvatore Ferragamo. They presented the new collection (which is super elegant and I loved it) and it was a very great morning there. I mean, who doesn't love a great little breakfast with macaroons and mini pancakes AND seeing beautiful clothes all around? I know I do! 

She's Fashion Fest giveaway!

Nice giveaway right here guys! I was contacted about this Fashion fest and I have to be completely honest,  I was thrilled because there is never a great fashion event in my country so I am really excited to attend this one! I will be giving away 2 sets of 2 tickets each. The only thing you have to do is to write below a comment why you want to go, leave your email or any source of contact and follow me on any other social media, like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube... And there you go! I am so excited to go and I think will be pretty fun since there is going to be a Topshop Runway show on Saturday! ;). Also, this giveaway is only for Chile since the event is this Saturday and Sunday in Santiago! 

Lady laid back

Today was a very chill day just hangin' in the countryside with my family and enjoying a beautiful sunny day! We had a pic-nic, ate ice creams and cookies, totally what I love to do on a weekend! It was totally laid back and I hope you are all having a great Easter weekend, Peace!!! The details of my outfit are down here! 

Video: Everyday Make up Routine.

All the products on this video you can purchase them down here! Click Read More to see them ;)!

P.S From Paradise.

No, this bag didn't came from fashion paradise, but it looks like it did. The second I saw this bag I was totally in love and I couldn't think of anything more.. It remind me of a birkin bag and if that is not a deal breaker for you, I don't know what else should be cause this bag is to die for, plus the color it has is absolutely vibrant and it gives me energy like I could conquer the world with this little showstopper! 

Out of the city

From time to time I get the chance to get away from the city for a whole day, and the light here was just too perfect for not taking any selfies. It is true, I dyed my hair (only my ends) just to try the ombre look, not too blonde since I didn't want to bleach it, but since my mom and grandma are 2 american red haired I just can't have those blonde high lights or low lights by nature, I have more of red in my hair and that's the reason why it looks more red than blonde! 

Back to the old self

So I decided finally to get back to the old super long nails! I have to say I feel so good with them on, I just feel way more American (weirdo I know) Anyways I haven't done too many nail art since I threw away all of my brushes (stupid!) and I just ordered some that I am extremely excited about lol. I hope you like the latest I've done ... only one lol. 

Trendy Tuesday's Back to Basics

Another Tuesday another trendy Tuesday lol. You all know that animal print right now is a basic, it's no longer a thing you can't wear certain season, now is timeless (thank god) and with that, different patterns are doing their comeback in a pretty spectacular way! They are so easy to combine that you will look stylish without having to think tons!


Last Tuesday I got invited to the Rimmel London Launch, and let me tell you I adored it! I already knew the brand since I bought some things when I was in London and Me and my mom have been in love with the stay matte powder. I have to say I love the event since all of it was truly trying to engage people to know and buy the brand by giving us a lot if info, videos, pictures and a huge gift bag.

Exponovios Giveaway!!!!

Hello all my peeps! Today I am doing another giveaway but only on my blog ;)! I am giving away 1 set of 2 ticket to enter the Expo Novios fair here in Chile! I have to say I love it since all the whites and beautiful flowers inspire me every time (even though I am no close to getting married). The fair is going to be 11,12 and 13th April in Casa Piedra (a super beautiful place in Santiago) You just have to be following me on Facebook and comment below ANYTHING (PLEASE LEAVE YOUR EMAIL OR ANY SOURCE FOR CONTACT )! (ONLY FOR CHILE.) ENDS 9th April !;)

If you win the tickets I'll send you the address that you will need to pick them up! Good luck! 

H&M Conscious Showroom

Yeehaaaa! Another month already gone and I have to say I've been lacking on my ability to post! I will upload the video announcing the winner of my giveaway tomorrow so stay tuned for that. For now I want to share with you  some pics I took at the H&M showroom in Chile where they launched their conscious line!