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Finally the widget I was looking for has come! Now for the readers that want my blgo to read it in spanish, arabic, german NOW you can do it :)
And I am sooo excited cause now I can let you guys know everything and you will understand in YOUR special language :)

Hope you really like this widget, you just have to click in the flag you want to be my blog translated and it will appear in the language you chose! Super fun ha?
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P.S: I love this picture cause it is soo funny hahahah sorry for the pic, and tell me what ya think:)

Big Belts, Long Legs

Ok, i really have to say that i love belts but sometimes they just dont fit me!! And i hate that when it happens hahaha.
If you have short legs and your body is more longer like mine you really need to wear big belts cause they give you the tiny waist and long legs every girl in the world loves! 
The big belt creates a tiny space between your boobs and your belly button! And that makes the impression of your legs starting at your boobs hahaha maybe it sounds crazy but it is true!!
Going through the bigs to the smalls hahahaha the small belts are for people that already isveeery skinny cause i have to tell if you are a little big sorry, the tiny belt will look like you have a tiny crazy accesory!

Much love, 

Turning 18!

Everytime that you are close to be 18 we wonder if our parents are going to give us the car that we have always dreamed of. I have to say i love expensive thing so it is sure that i love expensive cars so i decided to post the cars i want!
Before starting telling you guys the cars i want i need to say that if you want expensives ones and your parents dont have the enough money to buy them please dont obligate them cause it is hard for them! Also if you want those really bad you can make an arrangement w your mum and dad, and what does that mean? Very easy you guys can find a job and work for the car you want and pay half and half with your parents !
Please enjoy the cars i want and of course comment below and tell me which are your favorite cars!! 

I am so obsessed with black Hammers and white one! I just love them cause it makes 
you look big with powerful, fabolous and celeb-style! and I just found out this crazy pink inside and I loved it, tho I am notsure if I would do that to a Hummer hahaha. 
I love convertible cars and i love them even more if they have 4 doors 
and 4 seats cause i love big cars and thats why i def want this 
Mercedes Benz!
Also i love BMW convertibles and of course Chrysler too!!

OMG! Range Rover is symbol of authority, faboulosity, money and 
youthful is just a perfect car! And i always dreamed of having this 
car and at any point in my life i will definetely have this one!
Commander Jeep! I love them cause it is super luxorious as the ford ones !!!
Talking about ford! My dad owns a Ford F-150 and I definetely love it cause as I said it is super luxorious and I just love that sensation !:) 
Also (omg i want a lot of cars hahahhaha) well other cars that i love 
is the amazing tahoe of chevrolet is super cool and my father had one 
too well a better one that Sylver-dont-know-what hahahha.
Omg help me guys decide which car i will buy first hahahha,
 Much love, 

Feeling too black?

I have the perfect solution for this! All you need to be a little more colorful with that fancy little balck dress ( a MUST HAVE PIECE) you can paint your nails in NEON colors ! and I have to say I love neon colors, but I just hate them in my hands, I think it makes me the impretion of my hands being purple, and that's really what I don't want to!

If you have the dress outfit you can try a number of neon colors ! such as red, green, blue, yellow, orange, pink ! I have to say I love pink and blue neon colors, and actually I am doing a tutorial how to have the fabolous neon colors in your hands :) ! Around tuesday will be up I think! 

Here is a look of a number of neon colros you can try !

These are my favorite!
Comment below and tell me what r ur favorite brands and colors! 

Eyes= Sexy!

Yes now is time to get your eyes glam up a little bit! Ok, I know that at night is so hard to take all your make up but does not have to be an excuse! because glaming up your eyes is super cool! I mean, If I see someone that is maked up but her eyes arent soo cool I just hate the complete look! So that's why today I am doing this entry because is super useful, fast, glamorous and amazing!!!

How to have a sexy look, Sexy Eyes?

Step 1: " Define your Brows "

How to: You have to shaped them and have to be well-groomed. The only thing you have to do is tweeze hairs out of line with your arch! Then set with brow or hair gel! With the pencil you only have to fill in sparse spots only! please do not over pencil it!

Step 2: " Layer your Shadow "

How to: You need to use 2 shades and you will look TWICE as sexy!!. You can usea gray, silver blue or even brown then you have to sweep a darker hue from lash lines up to creases! Top with a lighter or shimmery Version.

Step 3: "  Line your lids ! "

How to : Apply a streak of pencil that matches your shadow (it has to match your eyeshadow) on top and bottom lids, smudge! Or you can just skip the shadow and just use colorful liner! but remember! NEVER PUT A LOT OF EYELINER AND LIPSTICK, one is ENAUGH!

Step 4: " Lush up your lashes! "

How to : Curl your eyelashes and apply mascara and wait 10 seconds for it to dry before adding more becuase you dont want to look like sticky eyelashes! The perfect one could be a blue one (those are super fun) And remember you need to apply in the bottom lashes aswell !

I love this post, because it is easy, quickly and perfect, you will have a look that eveyrbody won't stop looking at your sexy eyes!

Hope you enjoy it

Sexy Ponytail look!

I am such a big fanof ponytails! I just love them soo much and everytime I see a celebrity wearing one I def one to copy the look and make it my own!
So why I shouldn't share this amazing hair-do with you to know how to do it! and how to rock it :) It is super easy to do and definitely is super to wear!

How to create a puffy-back- ponytail?

Step 1:
Apply any kind of mousse that you want to towel-dried hair and blow-dry using a medium boar-bristle round brush.

Step 2: 
Part hair in the middle and gently (please gently because this usually breaks the hair)  tease the crow. Then Separate the front and crown sections from the rest of your hair.

Step 3:
Pull the remaining hair into a medium-height ponytail and secure with an elastic band (the best elastic band could be one of your similar hair color!).

Step 4:
Take the same section from the opposite side and follow the same step, tuck ends underneath the pony and make sure to secure with bobby pins.

And there you have your amazing and sexy ponytail ! and if you want you can curl the end to look even sexier!!!

Lots of love for you guys ! please leave comments! and ANSWER THE POLL :) 

The Eyes are the Getaways to the Soul

As the tittle says The Eyes are the Getaways to the Soul, and I think is true, because when you meet that incredible person you realize HE is the one with only looking his eyes, o wait, and maybe some more hahaha.

But to pop out this emotions I found an incredible trick! that works for EVERYBODY :) 
The first thing you need is to use heavily pigmented eyeshadows to make this emotions pop out! 

And something incredible you can do is to match your eyeshadow to your eyes!
Well depending of your eye's color you should coordinating with a little bit of shimmer and apply it only in the LID!

Maybe if your eyes are dark brown you could choose every color! Then you need to take a natural brown color that’s about two shades darker than your skin tone and apply to the crease above your eyelid to contour your eye and you have to blend it well

And that's pretty much it! 

Hope you guys try it and please give me some feedback if you did !!

Perfect, Easy, Beautiful, FABOLOUS!

I got the perfect and easy (of course fab) Hair do to show you guys! If you guys don't feel like doing your hair becuase it never stays in any place and you just woke up and found out it was a completeley hot mess, well I HAVE the secret to make your hair look absolutely fab and you even look more thin!!!


Yes, it's true! and now you are about to knowing my fab/fav secret!
Having a very strong part, The Kardashians wear it all the time (also Olivia Palermo, Whitney Port, Tyra Banks, Jessica Simpson) ! This style flatters every FACE SHAPE by making it seem more balanced! and also it makes your eyes and smile very easy to see! so totally gives you extra confidence!.

To have your hair like on of the Kardashians sisters is very easy and simple! just usea a fine-tooth comb to make a precise part on wet hair (also could be in dry hair!) and the only thing you have to do is style it as usual, it has noo science! But if you want the extra something you can add a little gel or hairspray to tame flyaways and kee the part on the straight and narrow ! :)

Hope you like it and hope it will work,
see you guys!