Yes now is time to get your eyes glam up a little bit! Ok, I know that at night is so hard to take all your make up but does not have to be an excuse! because glaming up your eyes is super cool! I mean, If I see someone that is maked up but her eyes arent soo cool I just hate the complete look! So that's why today I am doing this entry because is super useful, fast, glamorous and amazing!!!

How to have a sexy look, Sexy Eyes?

Step 1: " Define your Brows "

How to: You have to shaped them and have to be well-groomed. The only thing you have to do is tweeze hairs out of line with your arch! Then set with brow or hair gel! With the pencil you only have to fill in sparse spots only! please do not over pencil it!

Step 2: " Layer your Shadow "

How to: You need to use 2 shades and you will look TWICE as sexy!!. You can usea gray, silver blue or even brown then you have to sweep a darker hue from lash lines up to creases! Top with a lighter or shimmery Version.

Step 3: "  Line your lids ! "

How to : Apply a streak of pencil that matches your shadow (it has to match your eyeshadow) on top and bottom lids, smudge! Or you can just skip the shadow and just use colorful liner! but remember! NEVER PUT A LOT OF EYELINER AND LIPSTICK, one is ENAUGH!

Step 4: " Lush up your lashes! "

How to : Curl your eyelashes and apply mascara and wait 10 seconds for it to dry before adding more becuase you dont want to look like sticky eyelashes! The perfect one could be a blue one (those are super fun) And remember you need to apply in the bottom lashes aswell !

I love this post, because it is easy, quickly and perfect, you will have a look that eveyrbody won't stop looking at your sexy eyes!

Hope you enjoy it