Well, I promised that I would tweet live during the VMA's but I didn't (so much) because, personal issues, and during the show I was sooo in love with the hole show that I pulled apart my iPod and start watching it w concentration ! so I am sorry, guess in MTV awards I cannot tweet live! because I love MTV too much!!! hahaha.

But Today ( I know is late) I want to share with you ALL the make up and dresses of every person ( I will try!) that showed up!  Let's see if HIT or MISS!

The first one!

Katy Perry:
This dress I loved it and the hole look too. Cause it reminded me my days at Rythmic Gymnastics! The white carpet really shined with her pink and blue little pieces of curvy hair, the black detail on the top is very fancy, glamorous and fun! I think she really rocked it!!! HIT!

Ahsley Greene:
Well I really not a fan of her, but despite that, her hair looks very bad, those highlights doesn't fit in her head! Like seriously she need or a completely lighter color or darker. But I have to say her dress is beautiful, the white skirt is amazing, tho I don't like that rose-like. But is a pretty dress, her hair not so much! HIT

Selena Gomez: 
I don't like her hair at all, and those grapes or something in her bra are awful, I really didin't like neither the metallic texture the dress has.. so really a MISS !

Miranda Cosgroove: 
Oh Dear, what are we going to do to you, she never choose the perfect color! she has a very pale skin like me ! that's why she was to bright a little bit! I would definetely choose somehitng like navy or little color touch in her face... Miranda sorry to say but a Miss completely!

The Faboulous Lady GaGa:
The first and second outfit are SURREAL! are amazing, beautifully made and the black one really get my attention because she looked ABSOLUTELY STUNNING, the meat dress I didn't like it that much, but I really lvoe the message she tried to send! definitely a HIT with all her dresses!!!

Amber Riley: 
She is fat we know, but I really want to give her credits because wearing that short dress is really a challenge for her ! definitely a HIT becuase she Exhuded CONFIDENCE !!!

Brenda Song: 
Really beautifull but not for white carpet sweety, MTV VMA's deserve a little bit more elegancy! HIT in casual o other show, but totally MISS at the white carpet!! SORRY!

Victoria Justice: 
She is so pretty and she really knows her body cause evrytime I see her in a red carpet or casual outfit she looks STUNNING definitely a HIT with this dress !

Lo Bosworth: 
Lately she have been wearing so grandma outfits ! but this one is totally edgy and rocker with that gold style and the gold ring detail is absolutely fab ! HIT!!!

Audrina Patridge:
Beutiful Audrina! she looks so fit and skinny her skin really glows! the dress is casual, but edgy and formal absolutely HIT little miss Audrina!

Garbage bag, really ? who did this dress out of a garbage bag, is a genious it was BEAUTIFUL, all the Ke$ha style in it HIT!!!

Stephanie Pratt:  
Sorry you look fat Steph, really hate this dress, she is soo cute and pretty and sexy and this dress doesnt reflex any OF THAT ! Totally MISS!

Jersey Shore cast:
J-Woww: slut! hahah but I love their show and they are totally cool so I have to say HIT :) 
Pauly-D: hahah, don't like very much the tax but.. the color is totally a hit!
The Situation: too casual for me! Miss
Snooki: She looks like she has drop a couple pounds and she look more beautiful! definitely a hit with that beautiful teal and blue dress!!!

Nicki Minaj: 

I love the effect that her dress shows, but I don't liek the top because all her boobs are coming out !!and those wedges are horrible sorry have to say MISS!

Hope you like this Fashion Police! of the VMA's!