I was thinking about it and since I went to Miami and read some other blogs, YOU need to have travelling musts!
 I think it could be a lot but always I get up on a plane I HATE IT and WHY? Because of my bag! Always is full of stuff I think I will use it in the plain but actually don’t even opened it!
But now I found my solution ( just when I get off of my plain returning to my house lol), Here is the list you MUST have in your travelling bag!

REMEMBER your bag should be a wheeled one! cause those r the best! but LITTLE ONES!

-A very little purse with you where you have to put:
                         ·Your wallet.
                         ·Pads (incase of u need them).
                         ·A Bag where you can put your plain tickets, money and passport ONLY!
                         ·iPod or cellphones.
-You need a Hand bag with wheels!!!!
-A great book.
-2 Magazines.
-Something to eat ( the plain food is DISGUSTING!)
-Dont bring your notebook unless you need to work or just blog like this hahaha (I mean working on your blog doing entries you need cause here u don’t have Wi-Fi).
-A pencil (ONLY ONE)
-Mirror (LITTLE ONE)
-Something to pull your hair up.
-And the last thing I discovered NOW! Was my amazing Travelling Pillow! It worked so much during the night.

I hope you like MY travelling musts and what I think should be yours too!
Comment what r ur Musts and who knows if maybe I am missing something.