Youtube now is such an Amazing tool! You can do everything u want, upload a video, learn dance moves, and HOW TO MAKE UP yourself!

One of the most known people in youtube for making Make up Tutorials are:

And there are so many others!! This girls are my favourite ones! cause they do everything exactly as I love!, but yes I can make a review on them right? But everything w good vibes and nice thoughts J

Allthatglitters21: Although I havent seen a lot, I like her, she make look everything easier but it just not my tipe of girl like, she is so calm and relax and I am so Strong and fierce haha.

Juicystar07: She is her sister( up) and I like her cause SHE REALLY MAKE everything look very easy, she is my age, and I love that she is always talking like blah blah blah , exactly what I  like Strong fierce, great, shouts! hahahah.

Dulce Candy87: I found her looking for wardrobe tutorials! And she has such a nice style I actually love how she dress her self! At the moment she is pregnant thats why I want to send her all the good thoughts and vibes for her, her partner, and specially her baby!

Julieg713: Great nail tutorial, but not my type  in other staff Its just not that she doesnt know how to make up herself cause she do it amazingly is just not my tipe of taste!

Andreaschoice: she is great but I think she always do the videos like shady like always very comprimmed or something like that, not good camera but great nails and make up tutorials!

So I want to say that all of them are an inspiration that all people can do whatever we want to!
They started being normal teens and now look at them 10000 of visits a day or more!
The sky is our own limit!