Since I haven't started my youtube channel cause I don't have a webcam, I decided to ask you guys what should I upload on my Youtube Channel !
At the left sidebar in your computer is my poll !
and please vote! also you can vote several times, so to make clear your opinion about what should my youtube Channel include!

The options are :
1.- Fashion, Trends, Nails, Make-up and Everything:
     This option includes everything! like how to's, reviews, haul, and pictures, giveaways (maybe), but doesn't include a little bit of personal stuff!

2.- Fashion and nothing more than fashion!
     This one, clearly speak up for itself! ONLY FASHION.

3.- Fashion and Beauty
     This only is fashion and beauty, of course it will have how to's and reviews and everything but will involve only Fashion and make up things.

4.- Fashion, Tips, Beauty, Nails and of course a little bit of my life!
     This option is the most exciting I think! because includes EVERYTHING!!!!! and with that I mean everything everything!!!

So guys what are you waiting for to vote? and see me in Youtube?
comment below if you have anymore requests!

Thanks !
Lots of love,