So the day has come! and YES I am here to tweet live! 
THE VMA'S JUST arrived and in a few ahours I will be live tweeting for the show! tweeting about everything, who has come with who, what she or he is wearing! the surprises of the show and more!
Be prepared, take your notebook, your desktop computer, iPod, Iphone, Blackberry a cellphone or something to see me live tweeting! 

20.00 pm in Chile I will be live tweeting.
20.00 pm in Miami, USA.
17.00 pm in Los Angeles, USA.
10.00 am in Melbourne, Australia. 
19.00 pm Bogotá, Colombia. 

Thats all I know but at that time will be the party and teh red carpet and then, one hour later the SHOW !!
I am so thrilled and excited can't wait to live tweet during the show 

See you all guys in twitter !!

Rafaella .