I got the perfect and easy (of course fab) Hair do to show you guys! If you guys don't feel like doing your hair becuase it never stays in any place and you just woke up and found out it was a completeley hot mess, well I HAVE the secret to make your hair look absolutely fab and you even look more thin!!!


Yes, it's true! and now you are about to knowing my fab/fav secret!
Having a very strong part, The Kardashians wear it all the time (also Olivia Palermo, Whitney Port, Tyra Banks, Jessica Simpson) ! This style flatters every FACE SHAPE by making it seem more balanced! and also it makes your eyes and smile very easy to see! so totally gives you extra confidence!.

To have your hair like on of the Kardashians sisters is very easy and simple! just usea a fine-tooth comb to make a precise part on wet hair (also could be in dry hair!) and the only thing you have to do is style it as usual, it has noo science! But if you want the extra something you can add a little gel or hairspray to tame flyaways and kee the part on the straight and narrow ! :)

Hope you like it and hope it will work,
see you guys!