I love fashion weeks ! even though I've never been in one, its just I love watching amazing garments walk down the runway, I mean, models with amazing garment, but anyways.

The trendy thing is going to come in Sprin/Summer 11' are those shirts upper the belly button I don't know the exact name cause I am chilean and I speak Spanish hahah.

Back in the bussiness, haha, those shirts are coming sooo much and the other trend that here in Chile is still developing but with strong statement are Flowers! yes Flowers! flowered skirts, pants, bags, shoes, boots, bras, EVERYTHING is having flowers! Also the plaid stuff is ON FIRE!

I don't think they are ugly but sometimes I would like something more rocker like leopard prints or maybe navy stuff, I don't know it's just what I think about!
Anyways I want to share with you this little pictures!