I was looking for jeans EVERYWHERE, because I have big butt and hips, so that means I am Curvy!
 I always look for jeans in different stores, because I have very little jeans and thats why I never can find a great and big pair one.

 I think some girls know what I am talking about! IF it is big is awful and if it great and pretty is TINNY!
And when I went to Miami I found Amazing pair of Jeans!!! And they were cute great, beautiful, Amazing on fashion sense and best of all BIG ONES J (they fit me perfect as skinny Jeans), of course( Because I only wear my heels with this ones) were skinny jeans but not skinny for skinny people they were made for me hahaha J 

So go and get ones! ( They have in every color! And fabrics!) And best of all (AGAIN) they are very cheap!

But of Course Chileans dont need to get jeans from  F21. So wados have great jeans too and big ones!! The same as F21!! But  more expensive!! I know when I enter a store in Chile like Pepe Jeans, BB2, Efesis, etc.
Go right now for your nearest F21 and Wados !!