So I am really bad when it comes to applying eyeliner, and all the timeI search for friends or even my mum to apply it for me, because my hand goes around! hahaha.

And with that saying I want you guys to know how to apply it! Because all of that is practicing! But I of course want to add little thing, because is boring just saying how to apply eyeliner!
And it's more fun to create a completely eye look for you to copy it or just get inspire with.
Let's go and keep reading becuase this is:

Step 1:
You need to apply eye foundation because it will help your make-up last longer, it also prevent creases in your eyeshadow and smudges.

How to apply it?
Very easy, use the supplied wand or make-up sponge to apply across the eyelid and up to the eye brow.
Keep in mind the eye foundation is thicker than most foundations so little is more here.

Step 2:
Applying eyeliner; well you really need a fine-tip pen or a liquid eyeliner, because the line NEEDS to be very thin and will look very dramatic with the eyeshadow you choose. 
How to apply it? 
As I wrotte with the fine-tip pen or liquid eyeliner you will have to go throw inner to outter corners.


Step 3: 
Well you have to choose the eye shadow that you love! but always remember the highlights goes in the brow bone and the darker tones goes on the lid.
How to apply it?
As I said, you have to apply the darker eyeshadow on the lid and the bright one in the brow bone area.

I hope this was helpful and comment guys and tell me if you like it or if you hated it and maybe suggest some How to's or something else! just let me know! and I will be totally happy to respond to those comments :) 
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I will wait for you guys! :)

Lots of love,