In my personal opinion shoes are the greatest accesory ever made! But specially high heels ! I love them because they can give you such a nice figure in every way!
Today I will post different things about shoes I know !
They are so cute, specially those who have details in wood or earth tones, those give you a beachy look that is insane! I wore them and I am wearing these a lot right now! But only I have one in black that I bought in Forever 21 store, also is super easy to walk on them!
I love, these ones because they can give you a classic look, high fashion and rocker look. This are special cause are in so many highs and colors not as the wedge type. I only wear 41/2 inch or more heel, for me is super easy to walk but for some could be very hard that's why I recommend to walk all day in your house until you get use to them, I did it and it worked so you don't loose anything if you at least try!
Strong big heel
This kind of heel is great for an edgy, cool and rocker look, specially if it is black leather with rhinestones or maybe with metal details, also with the chain thing it will give you the
rude look you want to create!
Something I haven't tell! hahaha, I am going to do a extended review about heels and shoes !! I think maybe in wednesday or so it will be up! Dont forget today is the VMA's and I am going to be live tweeting EVERYTHING! !!!
P.S: Thanks for all teh readers, maybe you r few but remember the sky is our own limit,
maybe in 2 months this blog could be in Elle or Teen Vogue! you never know !:)