So I am a huge fun of Victoria's Secret! I love every single thing that is in the store ! and actually I visted my veyr first store a little time ago, when I was in Miami , and it WAS AMAZING they lounge stuff it was so comfortable, the bras are so sexy, and comfortable, and beautiful !!! 

I love that Victoria's Secret is like a sexy simple and for-girl-store ! Is just a place to be ! If you live where is a Victoria's Secret near you, YOU REALLY HAVE TO GO INMEDIATELY like you have to stop seeing my blog and go to your neares store ! haha. 

Well to the bussiness here, They have sexy lingerie, cool tees for sleepshirts and nighties, also they have those satin regular shirt-short pj's that I definetely love! cause they have those in sooo many prints and colors ( I lvoe more the colored ones they are so fab :) )

So talking about those cotton pj's, I HATE HATE HATE the cotton pants, well, I love them but I can not sleep with those on cause in the night i feel soo hot ! like I am burning in there hahaha. 

The other ones that I really love! are the satins that I told before! they are so sexy and cute, imagine yourself going out of the bed with those on and you see that your boyfriend served you a great breakfast! hahah ( that is to dream ha ? hahahah ) 

Talking more about VS, are those fabolous ??? bikinis or bathing suites that they have!!!! those are so great and fab, becuase they fit in you perfectly !there re so many desgins patterns and colros, they have push ups, big bras and so much stuff ! 

The pics r one of my fav stuff !!! 

Go and check the store now for more ! :) 

Hope you loved it :)