I have the perfect solution for this! All you need to be a little more colorful with that fancy little balck dress ( a MUST HAVE PIECE) you can paint your nails in NEON colors ! and I have to say I love neon colors, but I just hate them in my hands, I think it makes me the impretion of my hands being purple, and that's really what I don't want to!

If you have the dress outfit you can try a number of neon colors ! such as red, green, blue, yellow, orange, pink ! I have to say I love pink and blue neon colors, and actually I am doing a tutorial how to have the fabolous neon colors in your hands :) ! Around tuesday will be up I think! 

Here is a look of a number of neon colros you can try !

These are my favorite!
Comment below and tell me what r ur favorite brands and colors!