I am a huge fan of Blackberry! But I dont actually have one, I think they r too expensive and I am now in the time of saving money for myself to buy some special staff I cant tell yet. If you guys see, every Celebrity and every people has a Blackberry! and when I was in Miami, There wasnt people without a Blackberry in their hands!

Always I have been asking myself why celebrities go w everything in their hands? Have u guys see the Paparazzis pics? Where all of them r holding their blackberry,starbucks coffee and the key chain?
And in the other hand their Louis Vuitton bags? WHY DO THEY HAVE TO DO IT?
Now you are going to tell me that the Blackberry is the new hot item, with the starbucks coffee and the key chain? 

Arghh I think we are in better times, although I love Blackberry I hate when Celebrities hold them EVERYTIME and EVERYWHERE!
If u want to get a Blackberry check out the Company services like Claro ( RECOMMENDED), MoviStar ( NOT SO GREAT) , Vodafone (not know), T-Mobile(RECOMMENDED)

PLUS! If celebrities have amazing bags why do they keep everything outside them ? what they bring in their bags?! hahaha.

PS: Sorry for not positng any entrie sin like 4 days! I ve been soo bussy with school but I promise I will post everyday at least 2 entries ! :)