I finished reading this book this morning and I started it yesterday's morning  Yes, you can assumed it was a good reading, but you are totally wrong.. it was AMAZING! This book is seriously eye opener. It is a must if you are tired of introducing bad things in your body and doing bad things to animals, this books teaches you about a vegan lifestyle.. more details below! 


The book consists in telling you the real truth about what happens with the farm industry, the ones that make you eat animal products, and let me tell you it is heartbreaking! Did you know that milk doesn't help to get calcium? it is even worse, milk has been linked with osteoporosis and there is so much more! The animal cruelty is omg, so cruel it is seriously the worse! These series of books will help you understand an organic lifestyle and a vegan one, it gives you even a one month recipe yes, different all days including breakfast, lunch and dinner! And the book even has it's own recipe book (Skinny bitch in the Kitch) This is seriously a must read!