First day of my NYFW was Saturday 7th, and it all started really early to get ready for the Lacoste show, which I posted yesterday! Since I went to many fashion shows I would end the next month if I do one per entry that's why I decided to do it by days! 

This day was Katya Leonovich, Mara Hoffman and Venexiana. By order.. 

Mara Hoffman show was absolutely stunning, with super summery pieces and cool braided looks it really caught my eyes! vibrant colors paired with soft hues was definitely a hit! 

Katya Leonovich !

It has definitely something I am obsessed with... sheer fabrics and with colors! Something I, for sure, wear! I love the mix about the sheer with colors since that way it is way more fun to play with! And add a little bit of spice too! 

What can I say! I loved the show and it was absolutely stunning! Took my breathe away cause I am a sucker for gowns and shiny things! I definitely felt like Alice in Wonderland while watching the show, cause every piece had something mysterious and so elegant about it!