With the time I feel like I've changed the way I post.. and this is quite like the old ones... and what is about? old things, but you know what they say! Oldie but goodie and in this case is totally right! Cause graphic tees are having a great moment.

I remember there was a time t-shirts were the go-to piece for every single outfit and then suddenly everything changed with the come of blouses, it was definitely more in to wear that instead of a graphic tee... and what do we have now? The graphic tees having a super come back! which I love cause I am more on the comfy-stylish-glam side and this ones are definitely in my wishlist ! 

Weather is Feline, Celine, Homies, Hermes, etc.. a graphic tee is a must in your closet, not only to look good with the ultimate trend, but to have a comfy piece too! And I have to say, black and white are always the ones you have to choose... at least in this case!