So my day 3 was going to 3 different shows and no rest at all! Though NY doesn't have so large streets as I imagined it was tough to walk in 5 inch heels all the time, that's why I love taxis there, your hand in the streets and you have 5 cabs waiting for you, which is pretty great!

I went to the CZar by Cesar Galindo presentation, which I had no idea it was a presentation in itself instead of a catwalk show... but I have to say I love every piece of it! Lots of satin, teal, blues and vibrant colors like fuchsia and neons! It really gave me the punch I needed for that day since I was exhausted! 

Then I got invited to the Libertine show, last minute I have to say! but I am so grateful they decided to invite me because it was definitely one of my favorites, still I can't make up my mind which one is my top 1 but this one really has a space in my heart! With lots of shiny and rhinestone outfits it had a wow factor, which it was a little bit more punk with sparkles! How could you know they went so well together! 

And now the Kaufmanfranco show, I was invited last minute too! and I am very glad they invited me (yes I am lucky!) Cause it was fab, fab, fab. Well for your surprise I didn't realize Alessandra Ambrosio was walking down the runway (opening it) but it was magical, the music, the scene, the dresses, the whole thing was definitely a piece of fairy dust! Sleek lines, cut outs and just simple and elegant silhouettes was breath taking!