Ok, so I finished all the fashion show entries, and now I want to share with you guys the amazing things I got in New York, definitely not all of what I bought but I have to say they were the best deals of my life! 

First things first, I am made all american style so I decided to buy me a Juicy Couture Bracelet so I can attach a lot of little things to it, it was super chic and it is my first ever JC bracelet. Also the flower and gold chain necklace is from Zara which I have to say I fell in love at first sight, the flower necklace was a little bit expensive for me but I just had to do it and the chain one... ahhh, I've been craving it for at least 4 months! So it was definitely a must to buy! The Makeup Junkie bag is form F21 and I was in need for one to put all the things that were a little fragile in my suitcase so it came very handy!

And what can I say, we don't have  VS here in Chile so every time I go there I try to pick out something that is going to work for me... that's why a pair of sweatpants was a must for me (I like to be comfy!). And also.. oh my, I get so excited when I say this! The MAC lipsticks in my country are about $30 USD so finding them at $15 when I go to the US I need to buy tons! cause I am a sucker for lipsticks and why not some cover girl too ? 

The brushes from MAC here are about $60 to $100 USD and again, it was a done deal when I saw that beauty! also the maybelline lipstick and nail polish were a gift in Fashion Week! And the YOLO bracelet I got from F21 was a great purchase too! Remember You Only Live Once.. I might want to get a tattoo with that! .. who knows!