Yes, I know I am all about Christmas lately and I can only blame my shopaholic inner self for it (obviously having in consideration the true meaning of this holiday!) My mom put together this AMAZING girly gift basket specially to give to the women in your life! All of these products are in every single part of this world, well not all but a lot and you can also get them at Farmacias Ahumada here in Chile. 

To start of, the Lee Stafford set of products are AMAZING, they have such a great scent but sometimes, if you wear a lot of hair products it gets too much, but this shampoo that claims to help your hair grow is a must for this Christmas, seriously, what girl doesn't want something to make her hair grow faster! 
The wet n' wild products are amazing, at first I wasn't too keen on them but now are one of my staples in my makeup bag! And can I add this color of nail polish is AMAZING!!! is the perfect blue-ish minty color!