2AM by Raven Justice, Adrian Marcel x sage the gemini, is one of my faves! Such a great song! it just puts you in the mood! 

Wow, 2 more days and the year is over for ever, ever, ever. How crazy is that? I can't believe how fast the years are going! Can you imagine that 2014 will never be, anytime, again? Wow. Anyways, with the year going is time to do my annual Playlist! These are the top songs that help me go through the year in a nicer way! Tell me which ones are your faves! 

All about that Bass by Meghan Trainor was a hit! And it sure was on my playlist as well! 

If you are feeling bitchy and want an extra sass to your life, this is the perfect song! 

Motorway by Anni B Sweet, is such a relaxing song.. I LOVE IT!

Is no secret we all want to be Beyonce in some times of our lives, well this was my year of being Beyonce... at least trying to be! 

And one of the BEST SONGS this 2014 ... SHAKE IT OFF!!!! 'Cause the Haters gonna hate hate hate , SHAKE IT OFF, SHAKE IT OFF!!!!!