Can't believe where the year has gone! Christmas is over, NYE is next week and my birthday (which should be the world's biggest celebration is in 2 more weeks, 8th January for those who don't know). I lacked on posts because of my messy computer, with Christmas, all of that will change thanks to the awesome gift myself and my dad gave to me lol. But for today I am sharing what was my makeup and hair for Christmas! 

I always love to dress up nice and glamorous for Christmas and New Year's, as I don't really have many parties on the year, I take these two just to make it Kardashian style minus the long dresses (this year at least!) So I wore my fave foundation which is the L'oreal True match, Anastasia brow wiz in medium ash, and a nice red lipstick from NYX. I did a powerful contour and highlight, no eye makeup, very well lined brows and a nice red lip and obviously a nice super curly hairstyle (it did fell down once the night was over) But overall, was a super nice Christmas, with awesome gifts, a.k.a  Harry Potter and lots lot lots of Scrapbooking supplies! < perfect Christmas right there. I hope you all had an a amazing night and I wish you all a wonderful New Year!