Oh my god, do I need to say more? Probably not, because Chanel can speak for itself. But still I want to share with you my little story. Once up on a time a girl walked in a world full of wonderful things, the place that had all the girl always wanted, the mix between the NOW and THEN... uh, back to reality. So, I went to Bal Harbour shops when I was in Miami (didn't took many pics I know, stupid) and I can say I never enjoyed it as I did this time, I saw everything very calm and with detail and as the story I just told says, it was a world full of wonderful things. Chanel is that brand that is timeless, elegant and super classy with a touch of edgy in some pieces. I've been growing Chanel a lot lately and now I can finally say it is my favorite Couture House, I just would wear everything and every collection Karl gives me I just love it even more than the last one.