Hey everyone, today I am going to give you a brief life update. What has happened lately? well, I am in Miami Beach and have been here for over a month now, I love it here and I can call it my home since I've come every single year since 2010. I've been lacking on posts and videos because I am in a hotel, which has very crappy wifi and I am stuck with a tiny laptop that doesn't even have my must have tools (photoshop and video editors).
As for me filming, it is just so hard, going out to shop or just sight see, I come back home looking horrendous lol. The humidity here is so bad my hair hasn't look the same for a loooooong time and I am sure you don't want to watch me looking awful. As for the blog, everything is just turning its back to me! I don't have a very good background for my pics and I have so many beautiful things to share that I just don't want to do it in a simple all white background.
On the more life update, here,  I feel so at peace, is like no one is watching every step you take, what are you doing, what are you wearing or how you look, is just so free, like you can feel sooooo yourself as I don't normally do when I am in Chile, everyone there is so judgemental its exhausting! But here, is just a dream, I don't even have a car but I really couldn't care less since the scenery that I am seeing is my paradise on earth and I truly mean it, some people don't know their paradise on earth and I can say I am so lucky to know it and actually be a part of. I am one of those little amount of people that can say that have a PARADISE on earth ... paradise, ughh I just can't even stop thinking about it, is just so perfect for me! Everything is just made for my personality it is so relaxing... Well, that was me and my "brief" update!! I will be posting more videos and posts next week I'll try my best to share some bits this week though and I am revamping everything so stay tuned for that !!!