Since living in Miami for more than a month I can say, it is so my place oh well, let me explain. Lately I've been thinking a lot of the countries and cities I've visited so far.. Let's take it more throwback style. When I was younger I couldn't understand when the teacher would ask the first day of class "Introduce yourself, your name and what you like to do" and there were tons of people that said travel the world. I actually never liked travelling, I thought that is a waste of money and time that you can spend doing so many different things (as buying clothes lol) But with my first travel to Miami, everything changed. I've been wanting to travel the world so much, I want to know the interesting things the globe has to offer, I see myself daydreaming about living in so many different cities that I don't think I even will have a lot of time to do so, if I don't want to live like 2 weeks in a different country. I've been just daydreaming about Paris, London, Miami, New York, LA, Greece, India, Brazil... etc, so many place I want to go .. and so little time.