Okay, okay. December has officially arrived and that means the last chapter of the book of 2015. And with that is time to look back into the year that is going to an end. While I am listening to a song from Amelie (yup, the movie I haven't seen) is kinda depressing but exciting so I am going to put it like rather bittersweet.
This year was a complete rollercoaster, what I thought it could be the worst was nothing compared with what happened this year but still there is something that won't let me say this was the worst year of my life. 
Let's start with January, time for the summer (remember I was still living in Chile), so it was a nice month but to be honest I don't even remember how it was. Let's go to February... uuuh pure bliss, just like that, it was such a nice month and I remember it because we went to the beach with my family (as every year) but this year was different, it was so nice, we had such a great time and the house we rented was so comfy and great for the summer, like it was the last time we would spend Summer together. 
Let's go to March&April, boring months or not really but I don't remember what happened so let's fast forward to the end of May. Woooosh, month of changes, month of goodbyes, month of fears and happiness, I was finally going to live in the US (NYC, wow.) and was going to study in what later I discovered to be my place. At first I was so scared and the day before, I told my mom I didn't want to go and wanted to stay, but I went to NYC and loved it, I remember the 3rd day I was like 'I'm not going back for a while'. But that changed drastically but let's not put ahead of ourselves.  

I met incredible people during my stay at FIT and NYC, my roommate was one of the loveliest people I've ever met and we enjoyed our summer time so much! Then it was time for someone that it wasn't really a close friends with, just someone I knew and she was nice, to come to NYC. But oh boy how everything changed, she came to NYC for a month and a half, and now I am so proud and happy to call her my best friend. My stay in NYC wouldn't have been as fun and crazy wild without her, we met some amazing people, we did some crazy stuff and we just had the summer of our lives. Oh I also forgot to mention I started working in NYC where I found another best friend. And how could I forget her, impossible, she ahs been a rock next to me these past few months... Ok, now remember how everything changed? Let's go back. It was the end of August and I received the worst call of my life, or it was very close to be the worst one. Had to rush back to Chile, my time in NYC stoped in a second, I still remember that Wednesday morning, my mom called me she chanegd my plane tickets for Friday, that meant I had only 1 night and 2 days to enjoy New York, how could I enjoy NYC with the news they gave me? Anyways, I put everything aside, like I blind folded myself with everything that was happening and decided we were going to make the last 2 days together (with my best friend here) the best. So we did. But to be honest, nothing was better that one night we went to the best party of my life. 
Anyways, back in Chile, sorrow and sadness payed me a long visit, so long that might never go away fully and I am learning how to live with them for my whole life. I had a nice month back home with my loved ones, it was family time, no friends, just family, being with them and specially being with my mom. Time to go back to NYC. Nothing was the same, nothing will ever be the same, everything changed so much, but my love for this city, didn't. I still have that, to this day. Now these past few months have been hard but nice at the same time. I met another great friend, with red hair so she reminds me of my mom every time I see her. She is sunshine, she is so nice and I am so happy I have so many great friends now in my life. Oh, we had Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving since I wasn't with my family (we don't celebrate it so it wasn't too bad). And that night I realize how lucky I am to have the friends I have and to be able to spend time with them. Now 2nd of December, I don't know what this month is going to bring me, but I am definitely sure I will try my best to enjoy every minute of it, after all and after a hard lesson I discovered this year how precious life is. So don't take it for granted, be grateful with what you have, enjoy your life and live it.