I am exhausted if not bored of reminiscing so much about NYC but what can I say!? I love my city, I love the place I live in and I cannot be more excited about the future and present that I have right now. One of my beloved neighborhoods is definitely SoHo.
Today actually I was thinking how incredibly bored I am here in Chile (I'm here for the Holidays) and cannot wait to be back in NYC as soon as I can, and as I was thinking how bored I was today, I remember every time I was "bored" in New York I would go to SoHo, just to check the architecture, the style and some stores but as impressive as it sounds (at least for me) the shops were the least of my worries when going to SoHo, I just didn't care about them I was much more immerse into this whole hipster stylish thing this place has.
Oh and by the way, did you guys know there's a Dash store in SoHo ? My inner Kardashian groupie was contemplating with excitement the shop.