Little Italy, it makes me think of my roots because if you don't know all of my family comes from Italy but surprise surprise, I don't love pasta, I mean I like it but it doesn't drive me crazy, Lasagna on the other hand... damn I love that. LOVE people! Anyways, back to the point of this awesome neighborhood which feels like you are in Italy at night, with cool lights all over the streets and every single man outside restaurant shouting buongiorno or buonanotte with the hopes you choose their tables to get food and enjoy a magical evening in what seems to be another country inside the city.

There are tons of restaurants, canoli stands (which I've never tried before) and cute little art shops (there's a Christmas store.. OH LORD is amazing.) that you can enjoy in this beautiful little neighborhood. If you ever go to NYC you need to visit this place, there are restaurants for all kinds of budgets and I promise a stroll at night with your loved one will feel as if you were in Rome for a romantic getaway.