Museum of feelings. More than experimenting feelings in a museum, I felt everything throughout the whole day. I enjoyed great food, company and many laughs with my best friends who are my chosen family in New York City. Honestly I could not be more blessed. This year has been a total struggle but everything that has taught me is truly invaluable, I learnt and lived things I cannot buy with all the money in the world and although God took away from me one of the most important person in my life, he gave me some other great people who I believe and know will have forever as my friends. 

If you are in NYC, the museum of feelings is a must see, with a 2 hour long queue is really worth it. I wouldn't recommend going 2 or 3 times because one is enough. But it is a nice chill thing to do while you are in the city, to scape the cold and enjoy some cool stuff with friends or your loved one. The museum is free and is located near the World Trade Center and while you are in line you can see the wonderful Miss Liberty. The Museum will be until December 15th so hurry up and go! P.S Don't forget a nice coat and scarf, cause after a while the cold really kicks in!