I know I've been the worst blogger in the history of blogging, but New York just suck me into that fast pace and made me wander every single minute in what great city I live in. Now it is time to share some of my beauty essential who have become my holy grails with the years. 

The Sephora face masks are my go to every time I jump on a plane, I put one at the beginning of my flight (Thank God my flights are always in the night) so after dinner is served and the plane crew turns down the lights is time to put this mask on! (seriously you look like a mummy with them). My holy grail mask is the rose one, I wanna give a try to the green tea and the lotus one. They are great for a lot of moisture and leaves your face like you just had some kind of hyaluronic acid facial.

Then my Sephora lip stain, HOLY GRAIL for sure and a experiment one as well. These lip stains are amazing, they stay on your lips for hours without smudging at all. I already own the 06 and 01, those are amazing. And the one I bought now 14 (the burgundy one) smudges a little, but nothing too crazy that a lip liner can't fix. And that purple? isn't it so edgy and bold? Damn NYC sure changed me. 

And last but not least one of my holy grails for sure and can't live without it anymore. L'Occitane, despite being extremely hard to pronounce is definitely my favorite brand when it comes to moisture and this Shea butter hand cream is by far the best one, al though the smell is disgusting it keeps your hands feeling so soft like cotton clouds. 

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