So the other day I took advantage of the sun and went on a little wander around the city, which little is definitely not the right word to use because I walked a ton all over downtown manhattan. I ended my day at the Flat iron district, which is one of my favorite neighborhoods in the entire city. 

The Flat iron building has something I love, I am not sure what, but every time I see it I feel in the 50's or something, is just so old and has so many beautiful details I just can't pass the opportunity to see it every time I can. That day was super cold ( some people are wearing dresses, wtf) is definitely not the " spring weather " I am used to, so I went with a sweater, faux fur vest and a faux fur scarf, which I have to say, my accessory's game that day was fantastic, I also wore a Zara bag which I adore and I don't know why I didn't bring it the last time I came and a pair of Aldo sunglasses that my mom got me! Aren't they the cutest!?!