Hello! ( I feel like a few times I say a proper Hello to y'all quoting How to be single). Lately I've been way more personal on the blog, like sharing more lifestyle advice rather than fashion and I don't particularly think is a bad thing but it may be something that not everyone likes and that leads me to something I was thinking today. 

How we have to please everyone in the world and as much as we say I do everything for me that's a lie and we know, I know, you know! And there's nothing wrong with that! As humans we always look for approval from other people which is not bad but it shouldn't be your...let's say, mission in life. So my point is I will still post my lifestyle kinda things and of course fashion which was my mission when I first started the blog.
Also I want to express, I don't know why but maybe if I put it in words it will be more clear in my head. I've been trying to think the direction I want to take with my blog and how I want to portrait my life in NYC into this style stash, because at the end of the day, I want my blog to really represent its name, The Style Stash.
Life in NYC really changed me last year in every way,mostly, it open my mind to try new things so I applied that to my fashion choices as well. So bear with me in the meantime while I am still thinking how am I going to accomplish that!