NYC is extremely cold these days and having fashion shows is not helping right? I mean, New York fashion week is on its full swing and with these extremely cold temperatures you have to look fashionable but being warm at the same time! So I gather 5 little ways to avoid the cold in NYC! 

  1. Of course. DON'T GET OUT OF YOUR HOUSE. (Sorry I had to say it).
  2. Drink coffee, one of my fave spots is definitely Starbucks on Lincoln Center 67th street! 
  3. Wear a chunky faux fur coat (I swear to god, this one saved me!) I went out to parties with a crop top underneath and didn't feel a thing on my way to the club! 
  4. Thick tights, I know it sound boring but if you want to wear a mini skirt with black tights, this ones are going to be your holy grail! 
  5. A cool beanie and earmuffs

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