Lately has been so hard to relax. Everywhere. We are all consumed by our lives and the things that go around us that sometimes even when we are "relaxed" we are still thinking about a million things or what is next on our "to-do list". I am sharing today 3 days to feel relaxed in just 5 minutes. 

  1. Go for a walk to a park. It is crucial to a park, not to the mall or people watching wherever you want, go to the park, you will feel connected to nature and finally hear your heart beat.
  2. Wear comfy clothes. A nice oversize sweater with a sheer lightweight top will make you feel like you are away, maybe on vacation at your own place. 
  3. Drink lemon water with ice. Not only you will be hydrated, but energized! And also it will be so fresh that you will start daydreaming about Bora Bora! (Maybe that's the push you need to book that trip once for all!)