Remember I posted an entry about Chunky rings? if not read it here:) , well the thing is I just found out many beautiful pictures with amazing accessories! and why not posting an entry about accessories while I am in Brazil buy every single accessory I see? The perfect time! 

The thin I love the most are rings, specially Chunky as I wrotte in the entry before! You can pull off so many different looks with rings! you can be super rocky with a skull ring and super Romantic with a pearled one!
I just love accesories!

My favorite store of accesories is Forever21 and Blu (Blu is a stroe that sells great but a little expensive jewelry I really don't knwo if it is any Blu in other country!) As I was saying Forever21 has the cutest rings on earth! and the super thing is that they are so cheap ! That's why is one of my favorite stores by far !

I just discovered that the vintage kind of look is really kicking in right now! and it is super fabolous and romantic theme! one of my favorites right now ! For example here in Brazil all the girls, teens, moms, grannys, aunties everyone is wearing such cute little accesories such as gold watches, or cute little diamonds rings and even bracelets with lots of sparkly things but also very classic and glamorous!

In the picture up is one of my favorite rings that I found in this pictures! this ring it is just amazing! something like I've never seen before! super romantic, adorable and sexy!

If you see the pciture up you can see many necklaces! They are really IN right now! every store are selling those kind of necklaces and I really love them so! I have no problem with that! hahahhhah but as I always say to my self  " I will use/wear everything that now is suepr IN and everybody has it on, when the fashion thing goes away, that way I will be unique as always :)" My way of think guys ! :)

Isn't this ring just adorable, cute, sexy, glam, elegant, amazing and fab? yeeeep, much more!