I am in Brazil, and I decided to paint my nails fun designs! So I did, the first part of my trip I painted them in a great neon 3 colors with kind of zebra print KIND OF! I posted a pic in Twitpic for you to guys see it! Here it is .

Loving my nails soooo  much think I am going to post a How to/Tutorial on my blog! but around 20th Feb!!!

I love the design but it ruined very quickly since I paint it 3 days before my trip. Now that I am in the (kind of again hahaha lol) middle of my trip, I decided to go with pink leopard print nails! and it went AMAZING! something to die for! :)

It was super simple an easy to make but you really have to be focused and concentrated since you mess up a little and then you will have to start all over again!

I made this amazing desgin only with OPI nail polish! and With China Glaze Top Coat Dry fast, I love the finish of this top coat becuase the nail look so shinny just like if you printed a sticker in it! but the bad thing that it has is  that falls super quick that's why today 2 days later i did my nails, one is already falling :/ ! I don't know the name of the colors cause I dont have them in the bottom of the botle! but I am pretty sure that is Hawaiian Orchid and the Neon one can be any pink Neon color :)!

Love them? I definetely DO !
Enjoy it :)
And sorry for not posting lots of interesting entries and not so many !!!
Greetings from Brazil!