Hey everyone! I want to share with you what I recently found on twitter... and it was this amazing jewelry site that sells incredible pieces, very bohemian and unique style ! 

I wanted to share with you some of my favorite pieces that I found and let me tell you it was very difficult to choose one, because the range was so beautiful! I wish I could write about every single one of them but that would take me years! 

but I have to start Multi pearl Drop Bracelet! I love pearls and this one stole my heart! It is very pretty and the bow detail gives the whole piece an instant romantic kind of vibe! It goes with everything and you will look casual, comfy and elegant with this awesome piece!

They offer a range very bohemian, very stylish and most of all very pretty! I will be definitely buying something, because they combine 2 of my favorite things! GREAT PRICE and GREAT STYLE! 

The name site is Ethical Emi  ( by clicking the name you will be redirected to their site)