I was going through all my style pics and I decided that today I will not post about fashion .. well not fashion in clothes! I don't know if I have tell this before but I have a huge folder in my computer with 5.095 pictures! There I have like Style pics, Fashion week pics, fashion shoes, houses, decor, messages and just cute photos!

What I've always loved are the big houses and mansions! and I always say I want to live in a house very very big, OK I always say I want to live in a Mansion! some people say to me that I am crazy but it is just how I am so suck it up or go away! (Nobody need negative energy in their lives!) 

And well I've always thought about getting lots of houses and big ones I am so into my dreams that you have no idea, everything I do, I do it thinking about getting that big house that I want, the lots of cars that I want, the vacations I want to spend with my whole family, the big yacht that I want to buy for myself and my dad and of course most important to help my family to live a perfect life where they don't have to worry about a penny spent! That's why I am posting this beautiful houses, bathrooms, bedrooms, and places for you take a little inspiration and ambition (since it is never wrong to have some ambition) and for you to enjoy a little !