We all know which is the latest trend right? if you don't.. well, Tribal is! of course with many more but this special trend I saw a LOT when I was in Miami! (talking about Miami don't forget to check out my trip diary!) Back to the subject... I am not here only to write about Tribal prints! I am also going to take a little time to talk about the mixing!

Lots of prints, tribal, animals, stripes, polka-dots and many more! Oh right.. the latest, FRUITS! But we all were taught about never mix lots of print in one outfit, though that rule is a little bit in the drowning path is still something we have to take in consideration while pulling off an outfit!

If you are not completely sure about your two different prints in your outfit I have the perfect solution! you maybe can have only one print in your clothes but you can mix TONS of textures! (Of course I mean not crazy ones since it wil not work) but Lace&Leather give a great combo!

And if you are wearing a stripped shirt and don't know what bottom to wear... you can pull out a great white lace maxi skirt right? Though try not to combine it with a super several and very noticeable lace since it will not work at all!

And who said with tribal prints or with any print and textures we cannot color block!? absolutely FALSE! it is actually one of the best things to do while dressing with prints! since we don't need to have basics here and there! (Talking about basics.. you can check out my other entry!)

That's all for today! :)