I am a sucker for interior design lately. It has always been a passion of mine but lately with Pinterest and Tumblr invading me with pretty pictures it has become an obsession, a healthy one I must say. As for colors, whites and grays are what fill my heart with satisfaction and I know they might be too cold for a plae to call home but having the feeling of space is priceless and in New York is definitely PRICELESS (with a very high price lol).
I do think that you can have a warm home with only white, it just depends how you accessorize and... candles, people! If you put your own personal touch you will be good to go. And mine is definitely white with gray accents, some black here and there and definitely some light blue to make me feel like I'm in the tropics. 
To add more style to my place (isn't it cool to say and think that I am going to have my own place!?!?!) are banana leaves! I don't know if I want to make it a la houseworewhat with a full wall or just some pillows like Viviannadoesmakeup or even just a print like I covet thee (isn't cool I am naming all of these blogs!? do you read them too? haha). But I am sure I want to make my place very minimalistic, light colors and the feeling of a sanctuary so if I go on my spotify and play the relax tunes or something from Bali I can feel like I'm in another place, relaxing and enjoying myself.