I am a New Yorker. And if you think that stupid.. I don't give a F. New York became my home, my place and where I feel comfortable not being comfortable, is a city where I just feel alive and myself and at this very moment I can't see my life anywhere else other than in NYC. And after 6 months of living here I can say I know a couple of things to do if someone asks what are my recommendations when being a tourist in this city! I could write 20 or more but I am going to keep it short and sweet so I can keep doing these kind of blog posts that I enjoy to write! 5 things you HAVE to do while you are in NYC. Here they go! 

1.Greenwich Village. One of my favorite places in this city, grab a coffee and walk around Washington Square Park (one of my faves as well) this neighborhood is home of NYU so you definitely have more than 1 coffee stop! and some eye candy ;)!

2.Wall street. Probably not your #1 in your tourist list but I promise if you get off at Wall St station (1&2 trains) you will be amazed of how beautiful this place is! Just take a stroll and touch the bull's balls (I don't know why people do it, maybe to go back to the city or for good luck) but if you see the bull, just do it! 

3.SoHo. How could I not write about this gem in the city. Home of hipsters with money (as I like to call them) or just artists that have a point of view and a way of being. You will see tons of shops (and people!) and you can stumble upon 2 or 3 free art galleries, that, with 20 minutes of spare time makes it much more enjoyable. 

4.Walk the Brooklyn bridge. I haven't done this, only got to walk half or less than half of it, but it is surreal. It is like watching the sunset and feeling the time stopping right in front of you! You will realize how grateful you are for being there! 

5. The Empire State. Okay I had to throw the #1 tourist attraction, but I just HAD TO! The views are amazing (way better than the Rockefeller) and you can say you saw the whole city in your 5 day trip (even if you didn't actually walk around, seeing counts... right? )