I bet every single one of us or 99.8% of the world's population had a New Years resolution to workout more. And to be honest I've stick up to it for the last 15 days and has been going pretty well, besides I don't look pretty while working out (I workout at home so who cares about my shorts) and is the perfect excuse to shop for more clothes but not very good for my wallet (who cares at the end of the day?!). So Farfetch contacted me because they are running a blogger competition and the rules are workout clothes, comfy, stylish and you know, Farfetch styled. 
I am a big fan of black but I think one of my guilty pleasures is color and when it comes to workout, color is definitely something that helps me get motivated and happy. That's why I chose everything in the picture above. I honestly would never wear any other sneaker than Nike to workout (Haven't really tried Asics or Adidas) and a sports bra is mandatory for me. I decided to keep my outfit very colorful, something I think Jean Paul Gaultier would love and Rihanna would wear or maybe more of like Nicki Minaj, either way I am so in love with the color palette of this look that I might purchased after I'm done writing this post. 

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