Today is Saturday, my kind of familiar day, I don't know why but we never get together on Sundays, we just don't. So Saturday is the day where I want to be comfortable, fresh and polished at the same time. I have to be honest, I never have too much makeup on, except from when I go to events and things like that. But for days like this, I rather go on a more "No makeup, makeup" than my average out and about days.
I apply my Maybelline Age rewind concealer all over my face (more of like a lot under eye circles and what's left all over my face), if I want to look more polished I apply bronzer for contouring but if not that's about it, but today I am feeling a bold lip so I will go ahead with my essence Honey Berry lip liner. I don't curl my eyelashes very often (I just don't have that habit and I am actually thinking of applying eyelash extensions to make it easier). 
Today is that kind of day for me, a very chill day, not only because I have nothing too important to do or anyone to impress, mostly because there's like a gigantic heat weave and I don't want my make up to be melting as soon as I walk out of the door. 

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