Let me start with how much I love these earrings. The other day I was thinking...-Ok lets rewind to the time Catherine Zeta-Jones wore an emerald green gown to the Golden Globes, that is when I wanted this kind of statement earrings (though I imagined them in green but still). I really had in my mind to buy statement earrings, a long time ago, I know but I never found the perfect ones that were in my head. 
When I saw these ones (in the pictures) I was completely sold they had to be mine and when I looked at the price it was a no brainer only 7 dollars. I love these kind of earrings for more dressed up outfits and with my signature side part hair. They look so elegant aghh I love them. 
I have to say I am blessed of having a "long" neck, is not that long but still is not short so I can pull off these earrings pretty well (super humble lol), to be honest these have to be worn if you have long necks because if you don't they will look too tight to the shoulders and you will rest your height a couple of inches just by impression. I love the color of these since it is neutral and goes with everything!

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