I am going to do somehting I never done before in my blog :) I will post a few pictures about a Celebrity and I will discuss what she is wearing and tell you guys how can you rock it better or just the way the celb is doing it!
It is not like a Fashion police cause I will comment what I think about a jacket and I will say like: " Oh I love this jacket totally brings her eyes" or something like that, is not to say something good or bad is just commenting how she is rocking it ! hahaha, let's begin with ....

Blake Lively 
First look:
A pretty Orange with blue navy stripes and amazing blue navy shorts!

Actually I love this look I think is very fashionable but very simple and casual, I absolutely love the shorts cause her legs looks amazing! The shorts you can pull them off with whatever you want like with a tank top, oversize top, mini dress, tunic whatever! Tho the shirt will not go with whatever! hahaha you have restrictions as orange and black! So my advice would be rock that shirt with great skinny jeans in black, or white and in denim, you also can be with black leggings or ripped jeans!

Second Look:
Great grey blazer and boots. Perfect hosiery and great bag and scarf.

I have to say I don't know if I can pull them off like she did but I like the look :) tho it is not my fav one. 
The thing I absolutely love are the grey over the knee boots, cause I just have ones but in black, I love those can of boots and they make you look super hot! also I have to say the hosiery I would have changed it for black one... but the red is totally fine. I love more bigger bags but this one is not wrong but I def wouldn't combine it with the outfit. 
As I already posted blazers are great! and if you are tall they are amazing for you! they will make you look super girly and not like a jiraffe The grey blazer is amazing but I defintely would have combined with black or white pants.

Third  Look:

Wow Blake really knows how to dress. The first pic is a light blue skirt with a patterned blouse, it is totally cool ! the fabrics are amazing, the colors just jump to your eyes together, her hole outfit tells a story through her make up to her skirt.

Fourth Look:

Is a little ruffled shirt (I mean  I am not sure but it seems like one) I posted a bout the romantic ruffles, but she made them look like Rockstar ones with that amazing leather jacket!

The Fifth Look:

And Final outfit... I have to say that I really loved it! cause she looks super relaxed, with that light blue blouse made her look a little bit country girl and with the belt all is having sense! well, the skirt that I suppose is a sequinned one, is making the country girl look, be more glamorous for a red carpet. 

Absolutely a Style Icon, I will post one each week so comment below who you want to know about!